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A New Weston Price Chapter

Are you confused by what the media tells you to eat?  Why does it change all the time?  How do you tell what truly is good nutrition? Did you know that the Food Pyramid has never been tested for health … Continue reading

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Why corn sugar is NOT the same as cane sugar! -Kitchen Clean-Out Part II

I’m sure you’ve all seen the latest ad campaign from big ag trying to convince the American public that HFCS is safe and just the same as any other sugar. The last campaign had a series of teenagers and mothers … Continue reading

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Herbs for Lactation

Many women commonly reach for the Mother’s Milk tea from various tea makers. How many of us truly understand what herbs are best to help us when we are breastfeeding and which we should avoid? The class of herbs that … Continue reading

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Fertility and Natural Therapies

Yesterday I mentioned the connection between the nervous system and many other dis-eases of the body. One that I am intimately aware of is the connection between the nervous system and our fertility. I’m going to focus here on women’s … Continue reading

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Time to plant the peas and potatoes

Today is the traditional day to get your peas and potatoes planted. My mom’s store (Davis Seed Store in London, Ohio) is open and customers will be coming in to get started on their garden. Interestingly enough, my biodynamic calendar … Continue reading

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