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How much cheese would a family curd if a family could curd cheese?

So I’m wondering…. how much of each type of cheese would an average family have to put back for a year? I have some great numbers from a Weston Price posting for other staples (rapadura, maple syrup, grain, coconut oil, … Continue reading

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Homemade Butter

Well, Ruby has finally bonded with us.  She must have had a bad experience somewhere along the line before she got to us.  Her last owners said that she wasn’t very social and didn’t want her head or neck touched.  … Continue reading

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Our New Favorite Coffee Cake

My husband hasn’t always been on board with our whole foods way of life. I’ve asked for an e-course for Christmas from Gnowfglins because I want to learn to cook properly with soaked grains and nuts and also how to … Continue reading

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Kitchen Clean-Out Part I

There are some things that we eat that are not very good for us, but we can eat them in moderation. Some of our favorite food choices though need to be eliminated altogether. That’s not a popular stance- most everyone … Continue reading

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