Herbal Infused Honey

“One of the Best of the Good, Clean and Fair Products in the United States.”                        – Slow Food Nation 2008

To make our Herbal Infused Honey we start with our own unique way of caring for bees.  We focus on the health of our bees instead of our bottom line.

  • We do not use any chemicals in our hives or on our property.
  • We do not “swap” hive bodies or otherwise disturb the integrity of the brood chamber
  • We do not feed high fructose corn syrup or sugar water.  Instead we hold back a portion of our harvest each year specifically to feed the bees if needed.
  • We smoke our bees very sparingly and only with fresh picked grass.
  • We harvest once a year providing the best nutritive variety for our hives, but also the best allergy protection for our customers.
  • We NEVER directly heat our honey.  We don’t even use a heated knife to harvest.  Our infusion process takes 1-3 months depending on the herb or herb combination and we use solar, lunar or cold infusion to create the final product

We like to encourage our customers to use our honeys in creative ways… something beyond tea and toast!  Many of you have been asking me to create a page like this for some time, so here it is!  Check out each Infusion below to see some of the ways they can be used:


Chamomile Infused Honey

Light and sweet.  Our Chamomile Infusion is the variety we generally suggest for people who are just starting out and not sure what they will think about an herbal infused honey.  It goes really nicely in a fruit salad, on fresh buttermilk biscuits or added to a fresh whipped cream.




Citrus Zing Infused Honey

Citrus Zing is a blend of orange and pepper.  It is a nice balance of citrus with a mild heat at the back of your throat on the finish.  When we developed this one we saw it married with shrimp or chicken.  Interestingly though, it is the honey most sought after by local mixologists…. this could just wind up  in a pretty interesting cocktail!


Coffee Infused Honey

We try to grow everything we use in our honey, but I just can’t do a coffee plantation.  This is done with a fair-trade, organic coffee blend that we worked out with a local brewmaster (Cafe Brioso in Columbus, Ohio).  I hate coffee, but I love this one just as much as our customers do!  Instead of the over-roasted flavor of most coffee drinks, you get the character of the bean. Fruity and floral notes mix with chocolate and caramel in an infusion that is easy to add to almost anything.  We’ve heard about customers adding this to waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, pork, beef, cocktails, ice cream, anything chocolate… We have actually had this honey analyzed for caffeine content.  If you’re concerned about that, you can rest assured that the amount this jar contains is technically “negligible”.

Lavender Infused Honey

Locally, this one is a big favorite.  There are other lavender infused honeys out there, but we harvest our lavender at the peak of medicinal potency.  The bitter notes this imparts balance so well with the complexity of our honey and makes our version truly unique.  Try our Lavender Infused Honey on fresh cut pears, or drizzled over scones.  It makes a pretty terrific salad dressing base as well when coupled with vinegar and oil!  Try a spoonful of this in your tea before bed or when you have a tension headache.

Lemon/Ginger/Garlic Infused Honey

Originally, this was lemon and garlic but the flavor profile was incomplete.  The ginger really marries the whole blend together and makes a really nice cold and flu tonic.  It goes well on fish, chicken or cheese, as a stir fry toss and also as a salad dressing base.


Honey Love

Mmmmm….. our aphrodisiac blend is truly something special! Damiana, rose petal, cinnamon and vanilla together with a complex honey… divine!  Try this over ice cream, chocolate, berries or apples, or use it as a simple syrup base for cocktails on your next date night.


Peppermint Infused Honey

Many people enjoy the warm quality of our Peppermint Infused Honey.  It is really nice on chocolate or vanilla ice cream, or in a summer fruit salad.  It is also a nice addition to a cold evening’s hot cocoa.


Rose Petal Infused Honey

When people ask me what my favorite variety is, I have to explain that I love them all or we wouldn’t sell them…. however, I must admit that lately I have leaned a little more toward the Rose Petal.  While it goes on apples and berries quite well, we recently discovered that on goat cheese it is heavenly.  You can’t beat an appetizer that is so simple, looks this great and tastes so amazing!!  We sell out of this faster than the roses can bloom!


Rosemary Infused Honey

I know we are heading into the holiday season when we get a run on the Rosemary Infusion.  This is delicious on chicken or cheese, and for some reason most of our customers turn their interest toward a more savory note come colder weather.  Rosemary has aspirin-like qualities and is a great addition to tea when you’re feeling under the weather.


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