Herbal Consultations

I am a practicing Certified Herbalist.  My practice focuses on helping women to rebalance their body’s from a hormonal and nutritional standpoint.  My personal experience is with herbal rebalancing for infertility and lactation but I see clients for everything from heavy periods and endometriosis to menopausal symptoms as well.

Step inside my office, settle into the cozy couch with a warm mug of herbal tea and let’s talk.

Unlike many other practices, I’m not on a deadline to see the next patient.  The more you have to share, the more I can understand the deeper issues that may be causing your symptoms.  A consultation generally takes about an hour.  You will leave with your choice of the herbal preparations I suggest.  You may wish to use a tea, tincture, infused oil or honey spread.  I do not dispense supplements, but I may suggest them from time to time.  My philosophy is food based and I tend to recommend eating your medicine rather than taking pills.

I do not draw blood, or run tests, but if we feel that it is necessary I can help make arrangements for that to be done.  I believe strongly in empowering you to make your own health care decisions, I will work with you to find the best solution.  A follow-up appointment is often helpful in 2-4 weeks to check on your progress.  Are you seeing changes?  Are you not enjoying the tea I formulated?  Are you ready to tackle another issue?  When you are working with herbs, it is good to be patient.  You are not typically going to have the immediate changes that you see with allopathic medicine.  It takes longer to get at the root of any health issue and rebalance to prevent its return rather than to merely quiet symptoms.  However, you should see small changes at the very least as you go along.  Alterations in your treatment plan are necessary from time to time.

You may call 614-354-5162, or stop at the front desk of Worthington Chiropractic at any time to make an appointment.  Appointment fees are $50/hour and, sorry, I can not take any insurance.  My office hours are 10am-6:30pm on Tuesdays.

Worthington Optimal Wellness                                                             6180 Linworth Rd                                                                          Columbus, OH 43085


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