Top 10 Things to do with Your Extra Kombucha Scobys


How many of you just thought Kom-whattie- whattie?  It’s ok- if you haven’t heard about this drink, you aren’t alone.  Kombucha is a naturally fermented drink that is made with a culture (often called a mushroom or Scoby) and sweet tea.  It is typically effervescent and somewhat reminiscent of vinegar.  It has many health benefits, chief among them is its ability to assist the body in removing toxins from the liver and blood.  As part of our Medicinal Herbs CSA this past summer I included a Kombucha culture for our shareholders.  Part of making this drink is figuring out what to do with your scobys which will multiply like rabbits.  For every batch, your scoby will have a “baby”.  You can keep making more and more batches, invest in a continuous brewer such as the system found here at Kombucha Kamp, or figure out other uses for them.  I don’t have a continuous brewer myself, but I not-so-secretly lust after them….  have any of you tried one?  My CSA members have been asking since the summer for ideas, so here goes:

1. Use it as a facial.  Put it on your face for about 15 minutes.  You can also use the tea itself in baths and on your skin and hair!
2. Make more Kombucha.
3. Share with friends!
4. Dry it and give it to your animals as a treat (it will be slightly chewy, not brittle).  This will be kind of like pigs ears, but you can actually just save the extra work of drying and give it fresh to dogs, cats, chickens and more.
5. Put it under a bandaid to help heal a cut or burn.
6. Add to your compost or grind it up to side dress a plant that likes a more acid ph.
7. Use them to experiment with different teas and sugars. If you kill them, no worries!
8. Blend small slices into your breakfast smoothie.  There are other food applications here as well- I hear some people use it as a fish substitute in sushi!
9. Use in crafting as a leather substitute.
10. Add bits of scoby to the vase of water to perk up fresh flowers.

Have any favorite uses for your scoby?


About Dawn Combs @ Mockingbird Meadows

I am a stay at home mom, homesteader and practicing herbalist who owns and operates an herbal health farm. I raise bees and medicinal herbs and am passionate about teaching others how to use herbs for health in their everyday lives.
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