Homemade Wine

Homebrew- Rose Metheglin and Dandelion Wine

Just so you don’t think we’re all about work here at Mockingbird Meadows…. Last night I tasted the wines I made this summer. It was a hard day because I was tired… the kids had run me ragged outside in the snow and I was NOT in the mood to think about what to fix for dinner… suddenly my homemade wines in the corner caught my eye. I’ve been so patient since June, but that was all about to end. All I can say is YUM! I’ve always wanted to make my own wines… probably since I watched “Good Neighbors” as a child and they made their pea pod wine. If you don’t know the British show “Good Neighbors” find a copy! I made my husband watch it before we got married so he understood what he was getting into. It made a huge impact on my life and I probably model myself somewhat on what the Goods were doing.

At any rate, if you’re a wine drinker, like I am…. you can’t be entirely self-sufficient unless you have something to raise in your glass while on the deck at the end of a hard summer day’s work watching the sun go down over the pond.

This summer I made Rose Metheglin and Dandelion Wine.  Metheglin is a Honey Wine made with herbs. I only made one half gallon carboy of each since I’ve never done it before…. for all I knew I’d wind up with interesting vinegar! That, and Carson was skeptical to say the least.  Next year we’ll be making a much bigger batch!

The Rose Metheglin came out like a dessert wine. When you inhale, your palate is flooded with rose, but it isn’t overpoweringly sweet. Of course, it is made with our honey which is complex to begin with. The wine is slightly rose colored. Dinner wound up being chocolate chip sour dough pancakes with fresh whipped cream… an oddly successful pairing with the Rose Metheglin.  But perhaps that’s just because of the higher than average alcohol content…..

The Dandelion Wine is just as advertised…. sunshine in a glass. It is reminiscent of a Riesling, which is our favorite! There are slight floral and fruity notes in it and it is slightly dry. It too isn’t overly sweet. It was definitely worth the time it took to pick all the dandelion blooms and then pluck just the petals off! When the first flush of dandelions hit the yard next year the cow and goats will have to fight me off!


About Dawn Combs @ Mockingbird Meadows

I am a stay at home mom, homesteader and practicing herbalist who owns and operates an herbal health farm. I raise bees and medicinal herbs and am passionate about teaching others how to use herbs for health in their everyday lives.
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