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Gather ye Rosebuds While ye May

My favorite chore everyday at the end of May and beginning of June is to go and collect the rose petals. ¬†Today is a particularly big batch, but it has been raining and I can’t wait for them to dry … Continue reading

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Self Reliance in Today’s World

Yesterday I had my First Aid-Naturally workshop. It was a beautiful day and we got to sit out under the Locust tree enjoying the breeze while the chickens roamed in a pack around us. The workshop participants included a really … Continue reading

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Raw Milk Makes all the Difference!

Jacy is my second child and my second time that I have not made enough milk to exclusively breast feed. This time I was prepared and started making my homemade formula pretty much at about one month of age. We … Continue reading

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Family Diet Change- Final Results

I’ve been missing in this space for a couple weeks- sorry about that! ¬†While it’s been raining at a ridiculous pace around here, we’ve still been working like mad to get in quite a bit of shrubs, trees and plants. … Continue reading

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