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How Do YOU Decide What To Eat?

Why is it that our culture is so obsessed with talking about food, diets, new health information, etc.?  Earlier this week I wrote about drug commercials and the daily news…. I began to wonder…. who do most people hold as … Continue reading

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Family Diet Change- An Update

We’re now 2.5 weeks into the cleansing diet that we are using to transition to a new way of eating.  We are cutting out the overt and hidden sugars in our family diet and eating in direct opposition to the … Continue reading

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The morning news and drug commercials

Every morning while nursing my daughter I watch the morning news to catch the day’s weather. Invariably, I see a news story or two on health “issues” and several drug commercials. Today’s news was talking about the condition of losing … Continue reading

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Our Sugar Lifestyle Change- Results of Week 1

If you haven’t been following along, my family is undertaking a dietary change to head off health problems and help control diabetes. I chose to use the meal plan structure found in “The Schwarzbein Principle” with a few additions of … Continue reading

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The Plan – A Sugar Cleansing Diet for My Family

When it finally came to putting my plan together for the family, I found out about “The Schwarzbein Principle” by Diana Schwarzbein and Nancy Deville.  This book has a ready to use meal plan that helps retrain the diabetic on … Continue reading

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More on my family diet re-work- additions to a natural diet

Hopefully by now those of you who have been following my Diabetes series can see that you don’t have to be diagnosed with Type II Diabetes to be having problems with sugar. Over consumption of sugar contributes to all of … Continue reading

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Vitamin A and Cod Liver Oil

A Vitamin A deficiency is very common in Type II Diabetics.   Vitamin A is important because it is needed for the stimulation of the gastric juices necessary for digesting protein.  Vitamin A is also used to build strong bones … Continue reading

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