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My Dad’s Left Foot

My father’s been having a lot of trouble with his foot. He periodically gets pain and swelling in it and has to wear an old boot cast I still have from when I broke some bones in my foot. His … Continue reading

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Herbs are for Animals too!!!

This past week I received a call from a customer who was looking for Raspberry Leaf. We will be growing Raspberry Leaf as part of our Medicinal Herbs CSA this coming summer, but I was out except for a couple … Continue reading

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Time to plant the peas and potatoes

Today is the traditional day to get your peas and potatoes planted. My mom’s store (Davis Seed Store in London, Ohio) is open and customers will be coming in to get started on their garden. Interestingly enough, my biodynamic calendar … Continue reading

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New Baby and Raw Milk During Pregnancy- an Observation

In yesterday’s posting I mentioned the different nursing relationship I have with my daughter Jacy. This relationship started off much better than that of my son’s because of her perfect latch and suck. ¬†In fact, their palates are completely different. … Continue reading

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My experience with Placenta Encapsulation.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and in other parts of the world it is common for mother’s to ingest their placenta to hedge off post-partum depression by balancing hormones, increase energy and enhance milk supply. ¬†Techinally termed Placentophagy, it is catching … Continue reading

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Natural Ways to Rid the Body of Radiation

Today I am put in mind of how to protect ourselves against radiation damage with what’s going on in Japan. Most of the news media this morning is pondering our own safety in the event of an earthquake near our … Continue reading

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Take care of those adrenal glands!!

Yesterday I met a woman at the farmer’s market who is feeling rather run down and tired all the time…. a common problem these days. As she had two kids in sports uniforms in tow, it was not hard to … Continue reading

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