Everyone in my house needs some sort of herbal treatment!

Ok, not everybody, but almost everybody!  It’s been a very long day…. the dog is crying every time she moves, my husband is incredibly grumpy, I have strained vocal chords and I suspect my son has a urinary tract infection!

Ok, one thing at a time….

The dog appears to have a swelling in her armpit.  She gets these cysts from time to time, but in the armpit it seems to be near the nerves and is causing her pain when she tries to move.  I’m gonna have to go out to my apothecary and see if I have any Meadowsweet.  That will provide both an anti-inflammatory action as well as an aspirin like effect for pain.  I’ll make it up in a tea and put it in her waterbowl.  I might also give her a 1/4 to 1/2 a dropper of skullcap tincture a couple times tonight to ease pain in the nerves.  NEXT!

While I’m making the Meadowsweet tea for the dog, I think I’ll pour some for myself with some honey.  That should help take down the inflammation in my vocal chords.  I keep meaning to go on complete vocal rest every day… somehow with a toddler running loose while I’m nursing his little sister, I find it hard not to use my voice.  Maybe a combination of little boy duct-taped to the couch with vocal rest would be more successful…. just kidding, obviously I’m just destined to fail at that part of my treatment.  NEXT!

My son has been refusing to keep his diaper on.  Yesterday he winced and grabbed his crotch and shortly thereafter his diaper was wet.  So far his wet diapers do not have a yellow or pink tinge to them.  I’m not certain, but I strongly suspect that he’s got a UTI, it just might be early.  So I had the husband (did I mention he’s REALLY grumpy today?) pick up some cranberry juice… not the kind that’s loaded with sugar, but real cranberry juice with nothing else in it.  It’s in his sippy cup right now.  As is my usual habit, it is watered down by about 1/3 with, well… water.  Why the cranberry juice?  Cranberries appear to have a specific action on protecting the bladder from infection, but they are also high in vitamin C which is important in this case.  I wish I had a tincture of bearberry made, sadly, this is one of the tinctures I made last fall and never got around to labeling.  It’s one of those brown glass bottles in the cupboard, but I have no hope of ever figuring out which!  A lesson there- always label your tinctures!!!  Bearberry, also called Uva-Ursi is a well-known urinary antiseptic.  I’m making a tea of Bearberry and Yarrow for him to drink when he’s done with his cranberry juice.  NEXT!

Now for my husband.  I think I will prescribe 12 ounces of a cold, frothy hops infusion followed by a good night’s sleep.  Now that I think about it, around here that second is hard to come by… maybe I’ll just prescribe 24 ounces of cold, frothy hops infusion and unconsciousness in front of a basketball game.  Perhaps I’ll have one too and toast to a better day tomorrow!



About Dawn Combs @ Mockingbird Meadows

I am a stay at home mom, homesteader and practicing herbalist who owns and operates an herbal health farm. I raise bees and medicinal herbs and am passionate about teaching others how to use herbs for health in their everyday lives.
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