Fertility and Natural Therapies

Yesterday I mentioned the connection between the nervous system and many other dis-eases of the body. One that I am intimately aware of is the connection between the nervous system and our fertility.

I’m going to focus here on women’s fertility to simplify my comments.  It seems like we are all running full throttle most of the time. A lot of us live very stressful lives on the go, and then one day we expect our bodies to slow down and become fertile.  In a previous posting on our adrenals I mentioned the biological programming that is present involving the fight or flight response.  When our body’s are in constant stress mode, they shut down all non-essential functions.  Again, with the T-Rex analogy…. when the village is under attack and we’re running from the T-Rex, our body is unlikely to take the time to divert energy from our legs to supply baby making energy to our reproductive organs.  It is imperative in working naturally with fertility issues that we slow down.  The nervines such as lavender and chamomile have a place here, but so too do all the herbs I mentioned yesterday that provide Calcium and B Vitamins.

Calcium has a connection in the reproductive system, as a deficiency can cause a lot of our premenstrual symptoms (cramps, headaches, water retention, achiness, depression and insomnia.)  Good Calcium can be found in seaweed, raspberry leaf, nettles, green leafies, parsley, spinach, sesame seeds, tahini and yogurt.  Blood Calcium levels drop about 10 days prior to our menstrual cycle, so you can see how important it is to be eating a good diet to prevent deficiency!  Vitamin B, also important to the nervous system, plays a role in our reproductive health by preventing mood swings and depression.

Of course, fertility issues are extremely common these days with the prevalence of the Western diet and our stressful lifestyles alone!  Add in the stress of focusing on a fertility issue and trying to become pregnant!!  It’s quickly apparent how we need to take care of our nervous system and adrenal glands to stay relaxed and healthy enough to be able to carry a child!  It’s such a foreign concept to slow down and pamper yourself, but often that’s the best medicine.  Take time- often- for a quiet bubble bath and a good book….. or a solitary walk in the woods.  Time for rest and rejuvenation is just as important as any herb or medicine that you take.

If you’re interested in more about women’s reproductive health and natural approaches, I have a workshop on April 2 that still has some space!


About Dawn Combs @ Mockingbird Meadows

I am a stay at home mom, homesteader and practicing herbalist who owns and operates an herbal health farm. I raise bees and medicinal herbs and am passionate about teaching others how to use herbs for health in their everyday lives.
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